Our department "Tarn" and the 2 nearby departments "Haute-Garonne" and "Tarn-et-Garonne" have an abundance of sights, traditions, nature reserves and leisure facilities. In our area, among others, the villages and cities below are certainly worth a visit.

Nature lovers can enjoy the beautiful walking and cycling routes in the area. Some are very close to our property. Detailed maps of different levels are available.

Kayaking is possible on the river Aveyron in the nearby village of St.Antonin Noble Val. For more adventure you can go to Aagac or Cap Découverte, for canoeing, paddle boarding, tree climbing, mountain biking, ...

Paintball can be booked, situated at 1,5km from our house.

There are numerous fishing opportunities in the Tarn and in the smaller rivers and fish lakes. Also available are balloon flights or an ULM airplane flight?

Of course, the wine tastings on one of the many wine estates are not to be missed! During the summer months the winemakers regularly organize “apéro concerts” where a snack and a drink meet music and conviviality, and sometimes also a dance pass! In some villages a "marché gourmand" takes place, a pleasant evening market with local regional dishes and products. And do not forget a visit to one of the local markets!

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Cordes sur Ciel


Beautifully situated medieval town elected "village préféré des Français 2014", with exceptionally lovely houses built in Gothic style, various festivities such as "Les Fêtes du Grand Fauconnier"...


Small town on a hill well known for its windmill, the picturesque streets, and famous for the cultivate of the pink garlic...

Lautrec et le pays de Cocagne

Charming town to taste a glass of Gaillac wine, one of France's oldest vineyards on one the beautiful squares; the different soil types and a wide variety of grape varieties provide a wide range of very typical wines...


The two castles (where the filming of the movie "Le Vieux Fusil" did take place), the beautiful old houses, small streets testify to the richness of the past …


The "pink city" because of the pink-brown colour from the bricks they used to built the houses, a mix of colours and styles, modern and at the same time full of history...


Our small charming village with its typical dovecote and the Château Musée du Cayla …

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Apéro-concert chez un vigneron aux alentours


© D.Vijorovic


Pleasant town listed among the UNESCO World Heritage, with its narrow alleys, beautiful bridges, imposing cathedral Sainte Cécile, the Toulouse Lautrec museum, the episcopal palace, and much more

Europe's biggest chaos of granite rocks....

Medieval village with a beautiful location on a high cliff above the Aveyron, above the houses shine the remains of the castle..


Old fortified village with a view of the green valley of the Vère in the heart of the Grésigne....


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St.Antonin Noble Val


Beautiful old town in the valley of the Aveyron, ideal for canoeing; do not miss the Sunday market with its typical products and "marchés gourmands" during the summer months... 

Castelnau de Montmiral

© L.Frezouls

© L.Frezouls

Beautiful bastide village, classified among one of the most beautiful villages in France, especially the central square with arches and the very typical houses around reward the effort.…For some relaxation you can go to the "Base de loisirs Vère Grésigne" or the nature lovers can indulge in a brisk walk in the forest "Forêt de la Grésigne", 3600ha large...








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